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"So what do you think Draco would do if you were to tell him you had feelings? You two would make sexy babies just sayin .."

That is a highly, highly, hypothetical question. If I did have feelings for Malfoy; which I don’t - but if I did and plucked up the courage to tell him… I can only presume that he would be consumed with laughter, then scowl in disgust before proceeding to call me some insulting and degrading name, perhaps bark at me to seek professional help while marching angrily off…

Sexy babies? Merlin. I don’t believe babies can be sexy, only once they mature into adults could they be properly considered as such! I believe  the more proper and acceptable word would be adorable, cute, or gorgeous. I suppose him and I would make lovely children; separately we have appealing genetics, so to join our DNA….ahm, well yes, I suppose.

3 December, 1999


Draco wondered how Granger dared to speak so rudely. Bliswick was her employer now, and if he said she was late, she was bloody well late. How could she be so tactless and interfering? Couldn’t she see that she was unwanted? Couldn’t she hear herself simpering in that stupid, swotty voice? Or did she simply fail to understand how utterly and completely out of place she was, how at odds she must be with everything from the two wizards ignoring her to the chair in which she’d deigned to sit?

Neither Draco nor Bliswick could bare to respond to her pronouncements. The silence lengthened as they seethed.

Bad breeding, Draco thought sourly. That’s what it is.

Bliswick, of course, recovered before Draco. He cleared his throat, his eyes pinned to the documents before him, exhaled very slowly, then handed the papers across the desk to Draco.

“As I was saying,” Bliswick said, “I’ll need you to sign there at the bottom.”

“And what am I signing?” Draco asked, taking the small stack of crisp parchment from Bliswick. He didn’t so much as glance down to read the words for himself; it was his privilege to have these sorts of things explained to him by his counsel rather than wade through tedious hours of paperwork. To be perfectly fair, Bliswick had already explained all of this to Draco before Granger had arrived, but Draco hadn’t been listening in the first place and he wanted to know what liberties he was about to sign away.

Bliswick sighed, and his upper lip twitched slightly in annoyance. “It prohibits you from leaving the country until the proceedings are concluded.”

Draco scowled. He didn’t like being told where to go, and being told where not to go was tantamount to the same thing, in his opinion. “And what happens if I don’t sign here at to bottom?”

“Then the Wizengamot will decide whether to hold you under house arrest with an Auror detail or place you in Azkaban for safekeeping until the trial.”

There was a little pause.

“Ah.” Draco glanced at Granger, then down at the papers. The bold W of the Wizengamot’s letterhead stared back at him. His eyes slid down to the single horizontal line at the bottom of the page.

With the tiniest of smiles, Bliswick handed him a quill already dipped in ink. “I’m afraid they’re very insistent. They don’t want you leaving the country, sir.”

“I can see that.” Draco signed his name and handed the quill and parchment back to Bliswick. He seemed to feel shackles bolting around his ankles, imprisoning him with only the facade of freedom. There was no running away now, even if he were coward enough to try. Draco’s gaze flickered to Granger again, then he said, “Is there more?”

“Yes, I—”

“Can it wait?”

Bliswick’s fingers were already grasping the edge of another sheaf of official-looking documents, but he stopped to peer severely at Draco over his spectacles. “Well—”

“I think I have suffered enough embarrassment today, don’t you?” Draco stood up, and Bliswick mirrored him at once.

“I— very well, sir.”

Their glares had been meant to intimidate, make her grow meek and quiet; just shrivel up into her chair as though she did not exist in the room or as a member of this unwelcoming team. It had the opposite effect though.

Hermione refused to give either man the satisfaction of showing her emotions; something that she had learned during her school days, filled of taunts and cold stares by cruel children. And in her eyes, that was all Bliswick and Malfoy were—cruel little children, bullies even. Her back stiffened, straightening and her shoulders squared as they resumed conversing to each other, paying not a single bit of mind to her; no intention of including or acknowledging her. The few, and fleeting, glances that Malfoy showed her could be counted as nothing. No. Nothing at all.

Hermione wondered for a brief moment if she had accidentally slipped on Harry’s invisible cloak by mistake this afternoon. It would explain why two professionals would blatantly ignore her - a colleague, one that wanted to help! But, she knew better. She knew that neither wanted her here, despite the previous impression that the Ministry had given her - that she was needed to assist this case, needed to bring good light. She was sorely mistaken.

As the two men stood, her dark and shapely brows arched in curiosity. Over so soon? She breathed out, slightly huffing as she blew the loose stray curls from her face in the process. She mimicked Malfoy and Bliswick, remaining silent as her gaze appraised them.

Anonymous asked:
"You should make out with Malfoy. He is a blonde, after all."

Malfoy is blonde, and I think it’s fair knowledge that he is not an unattractive fellow, b-but…to make out with him solely for the shade of his hair is a bit absurd! I mean  - it’s Malfoy! Him and I kiss, let alone have a steamy little make out session is just… I can’t particularly see it. Being good looking isn’t enough! There needs to me a mutual attraction and passion…and want, craving…and him and I certainl- ah, no, no, we…no.

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"You guys are dead D:"

OOC: This is the first time I’ve been on due feeling very ill and personal issues, and this message is one of the only non-negative message that I’ve received. I wouldn’t say that we’ve been dead, though we’ve hit a rough patch with activity. It’s not ideal by any means but, this summer has not been easy for me and real life comes before the internet. I sincerely apologize for the lack of activity, I have not been active on my other RPs as well, and it does suck quite a bit. I’m beginning to feel well, if you’d like further explanation, then feel free to come off anon so I can answer privately.

You can expect ore active after the weekend, by Tuesday the latest.

OOC: I’ve been very sick this past week.

Though I am starting to feel better, so I’ll be back on to normal activity in a few days!

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, hoggy warty Hogwarts,
Teach us something please;

Whether we be old and bald,
Or young with scabby knees.

Our heads could do with filling,
With some interesting stuff;

For now they’re bare and full of air,
Dead flies and bits of fluff.

So teach us things worth knowing,
Bring back what we’ve forgot;

Just do your best, we’ll do the rest,
And learn until our brains all rot.


This …. I-I would hex the both of you! If you ever touched Ginny or if she ever… EVER spread her legs for you I’d just… I’d…! I’d not be happy.

Luckily for the both of us, Granger, I very clearly stated that such a scenario would be impossible. It is a non-issue. Run along now.

Someone seems to be feeling snippy. I was merely saying… well, as you said non issue. I’m glad.

puredraco replied to your post: For a guy: Blonde, Black, or Ginger? :)

Where is it “going with this”? And of course blond is your favorite. Isn’t blond everyone’s favorite? Well, except for me, but I have the distinguishing factor of being blond myself so… Hey… wait a minute… No. Nevermind.

Wher- oh! Um…nowhere? I actually, ah, forget now…

Blonde is not everyone’s favorite, no; Harry prefers ginger and Ginny fancies black. I suppose though it is quite popular! Especially given the media and their trite opinion that blondes have more fun, so to speak.

Wait, wait. Don’t you nevermind me, Malfoy. Please. Finish your sentence…? If you don’t, you could give the impression that you are incoherent and that’d hardly look good for your trial! So…if not finish your sentence for me or yourself, then finish it for…ah, that.

Anonymous asked:
"For a guy: Blonde, Black, or Ginger? :)"

I - I think I see where you are going with this…

Hm. Nonetheless, to answer truthfully and honestly, I must admit…blonde. The shade has always captured my attention, it’s always been very appealing and desirable to my senses.